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LAVA coordinator

This service is receiving, storing and dispatching multinode messages.

Only one instance of this process should be running for a given lava instance. Usually, this instance is running on the server but this is not required.

Command line

Run /usr/bin/lava-coordinator


The systemd service is called lava-coordinator.


The process should be able to:

  • open a socket on port 3079

The process should be visible to every dispatchers.


Daemon start options:

  • /etc/default/lava-coordinator

In order to connect to the coordinator, configuration file /etc/lava-coordinator/lava-coordinator.conf should be copied on each dispatcher.


The logs are stored in /var/log/lava-coordinator.log

The log rotation is configured in /etc/logrotate.d/lava-coordinator-log.


It's currently advised to restrict connections to the private network.