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Command action

The command action is used to execute a pre-defined command on the dispatcher itself. A typical use case would be to set the bootmode for a board by controlling a relay.

Job definition

In order to use the action, the action block should only define the name of the command to execute:

- command:
    name: set_boot_to_nand

Device dictionary

Admins should add the commands to the device dictionary:

{% set user_commands = {'set_boot_to_qspi': {'do': 'webrelay --relay 1 on',
                                             'undo': 'webrelay --relay 1 off'},
                        'set_boot_to_nand': {'do': 'webrelay --relay 1 off',
                                             'undo': 'webrelay --relay 1 off'}} %}

Admins can define two commands:

  • do: called when running the action
  • undo: called when finalizing the job

Failing jobs

When an action of a job is failing, the full job will be terminated.

In such case, the do command of every subsequent actions will not be called. However, the job will be finalized and every undo commands will be called.

Power commands

When defined, the power commands are automatically added to the list of available commands:

  • hard_reset
  • pre_power_command
  • pre_os_command
  • power_on
  • power_off
  • recovery_mode
  • recovery_exit

undo is undefined

When using such commands, LAVA will not run any undo command.