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Device-type template

The device-type template is a jinja2 template that will be extended by device dictionaries. The resulting file is the device configuration file.

This yaml file is used by lava-dispatcher to know how to flash, boot and communicate with a specific device.

Configuration file

The device-type templates that are supported and provided by LAVA are stored in /usr/share/lava-server/device-types/.

Admins could also provide their own device-type template using lavacli:

lavacli device-types template set qemu qemu.jinja2

Device-types provided by admins will be stored in /etc/lava-server/dispatcher-config/device-types/<name>.jinja2.

LAVA will always look first in /etc/lava-server/dispatcher-config/device-types/ and fallback to /usr/share/lava-server/device-types/.

This mean that admins can override every device-type templates, including the ones provided by LAVA.