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The best way to get in touch with the community and the LAVA developers is via mailing-lists.


Subscribing to the lava-announce list is recommended for everyone using LAVA, whether writing tests or viewing reports or administering a LAVA instance.

The release notes for each production release are sent to the lava-announce mailing list.

Replies to this list are sent to the lava-users list.


Subscribing to the lava-devel list is recommended for developers of LAVA.

lava-devel is aimed at supporting code contributors, device integration engineers and instance admins who are working with the LAVA codebase. Discussions about planning and new LAVA features also take place here.


The lava-users mailing list concentrates on support for setting up and using LAVA.

Subscribers include test writers, and individual admins. Users are encouraged to contribute to answer queries from other users. Replies to the lava-announce list are directed here.


IRC is a common support method for developers. Our team is spread geographically around the world, with members in Europe, America and Asia.

The LAVA Software Community Project has an IRC channel, #lavasoftware on

We can also be found on a IRC channel used for topics relating to the Linaro Lab in Cambridge, UK: #linaro-lava on