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Upgrade LAVA

When to upgrade

We advice to always upgrade to the latest released version. Only the latest release will include new features and bug fixes (including security issues).

How to upgrade

Currently, LAVA does not allow for zero-downtime upgrade.

We advice to put the instance in maintenance before any upgrade.

Maintenance mode

docker-compose exec lava-server lava-server manage maintenance
lava-server manage maintenance
lavacli system maintenance


When a new version of LAVA is released, a Docker image is published on docker hub.

In order to upgrade, admins should just pull the latest docker-compose configuration:

git pull --rebase

The restarting docker-compose will enough:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up
Downtime during upgrade

The current setup does not allow for zero-downtime upgrade without a management layer like docker swarm or kubernetes.


When a new version of LAVA is released, a new Debian package is published on the official Debian repository.

You can upgrade using apt:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
Downtime during upgrade

Zero-downtime upgrade is not possible with the current Debian packages. During the upgrade, every services will be stopped while upgrading.

Upgrade notifications

Different version compatibility in LAVA between server and worker instances is not guaranteed at the moment.

When a LAVA server instance is upgraded, if the specific flag in settings is provided, the system will send out email notifications reminding admins that the worker instances need to be upgraded as well.


The default value for this flag is False so admin action is required in order to use this feature.

Each user that has a 'change_worker' permission over the at least one worker (which is not of the same version as the LAVA server) will get an email with the list of workers which require an upgrade. If the user is superuser, he will be regarded as having permission over all the workers in the system, so that kind of user will get the full list of the workers which require an upgrade.