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Backup LAVA

In order to backup LAVA you will have to backup both the database and specific directories.


The database is managed by PostgreSQL. See the PostgreSQL documentation for details.

To backup the database run:

sudo -u lavaserver pg_dump lavaserver > lava-server.sql


The configuration files are stored in:

  • /etc/lava-coordinator/
  • /etc/lava-dispatcher/
  • /etc/lava-server/

The data (job outputs, ...) are stored in /var/lib/lava-server/default/media.

To backup the filesystem run:

tar czf lava-server-etc.tar.gz /etc/lava-coordinator/ \
                               /etc/lava-dispatcher/ \
tar czf lava-server-data.tar.gz /var/lib/lava-server/default/media/