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When running jobs, LAVA is fetching many resources from remote servers over http or https. In some situation or when many jobs are running in parallel, the network performances could become a bottleneck.

To improve network performances, you could setup a caching service that will keep a local version of the resources used by LAVA.

You can choose among two kind of caching service:


SQUID is a well know caching proxy that will cache resources available over http only.

SQUID and https

Configuring SQUID to cache https resources is an advance topic. If you need to cache https resources, you should have a look at KissCache.

LAVA dispatcher uses the proxy configured in the HTTP_PROXY environment variable.

dispatcher environment

Environment variables are set in:

  • /etc/lava-server/env.yaml for every dispatchers
  • /etc/lava-server/dispatcher.d/<name>/env.yaml for a specific dispatcher

Read the documentation for more information.

DUT environment

LAVA can also set the environment variable on the DUT.

Read the documentation for more information.


KissCache is a simple and stupid caching server.

KissCache is able to fetch and cache remote resources over http and https. It can also download and stream the resource to many clients in parallel.

In order to use KissCache, users should prefix the resources's URLs by the KissCache instance URL.

LAVA will use the KissCache instance specified in the dispatcher configuration:

http_url_format_string: "https://kisscache-instance/api/v1/fetch?url=%s"